As a more comforting alternative to sometimes painful waxing, quality sugaring is a method of thorough hair removal that has actually been used since 1900 BC in ancient Middle East. Although this technique is often compared to standard wax, sugaring has been a sweet alternative to remove your hair and minimizing that uncomfortable burn. Especially for larger areas of skin, sugaring is preferred for the smoothest, cleanest result.

At Wax of Brazil, our sugaring waxing is made up of a combination of 100% natural sugar, water and lemon juice and our paste looks and feels like honey! This way, the paste provides a less painful and non-invasive, hypoallergenic procedure for hair removal. Unlike waxing, sugaring has no resin or chemicals to irritate the skin. Rather, it is water soluble and gives a relieving finish instead of that undesired burn. What makes it even better, the sugar paste only sticks to the hair and not the skin, and therefore it really gets the hair right from the root.

It can also last up to 6 weeks! Whether you’re looking to get meticulous Brazilian sugaring or a detailed bikini sugaring, this method is the most comfortable way to go! Located in Jacksonville, FL come treat your facial sugaring at Wax of Brazil!