Brazilian Wax

At Wax of Brazil, we do Brazilian wax as painlessly, professionally, and precisely as possible. Our experts in meticulous waxing know the right waxes and methods to use in order to do a complete and efficient hair removal service on your most uncomfortable areas. Wax of Brazil will give you a private area to complete your Brazilian and bikini wax services that is clean, professional, and relaxing.

Our waxing salon only uses high quality wax so that we minimize our clients’ rashes or any strange allergic reactions. Our friendly employees will provide you with the best care. We can answer all of your questions and give you advice when you make the appointment to properly prepare yourself for the best results with minimal pain.

We can also provide advice on what to apply post-waxing to make sure your skin stays healthy and hairless as long as possible. Call Wax of Brazil in Jacksonville, FL for more information about our eyebrow, bikini and facial wax services.